Bots tend to be a bit of a controversial topic in the social customer service realm. The truth is, if they’re built correctly and managed by an engaged and informed team, bots can be a really useful tool for brands. Automated workflows, like bots, for social customer care are more helpful for social teams in the long run and ultimately resolve issues faster.

In this week’s #SproutChat, Sprout All Star, Taylor Hall of GVC Mortgage, joined us to talk about social customer care and the incorporation of bots. Taylor has implemented one of Sprout’s Bot Builders into his company’s social strategy and talked best practices in social customer care and automation.

If this doesn’t have all of the information that you need make sure to check out our complete guide to social chatbots.

Customer Service Inquiries Require Response on Any Platform

You should pay close attention to where your audience lives on social. Let their presence dictate where you emphasize your broader social customer care efforts, but be accessible on any platform and take care to never ignore customer inquiries.

Always Track Brand Mentions

Pay close attention to brand mentions on social so your brand doesn’t miss out on opportunities that’ll further engagement with your audience. It’s easy to get caught up in monitoring and managing any negative mentions, but be sure to keep a sharp eye out for the positive mentions you can possibly capitalize on and share with your audience or internal teams.

Immediacy Is Best

Consumers often turn to social for customer service issues because it tends to be the path of least resistance, with more immediate response times. Establish response time with your customer service team early when developing a social customer service strategy. If your brand receives a large amount of customer care messages, a bot may be just the right answer.

Bots Shouldn’t Be Robotic

If you’re thinking of building a bot for your social customer care needs be sure to put yourself in the customer journey when thinking through the process. Think of common pain points for customers and look for patterns in your data to find frequently asked questions you can incorporate in your bot approach. Keep your brand’s tone and voice in mind when writing copy for your bot to maintain consistency across all platforms.

Bots Will Become Smarter

As more brands bring bots into their customer service strategies, it becomes easier to see the ways bots can get smarter, potentially identifying customer service issues before they even occur. Bots have the potential to make social customer service a seamless and efficient process, allowing your team to focus on furthering customer engagement.

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