All professionals have their go-to news outlets, blogs, podcasts and social media channels for advice and inspiration to better themselves and advance in their career. This week at #SproutChat, the community shared their favorite social media marketing resources. We’ve put together a roundup of some of the best ones. Check ‘em out and bookmark, follow or subscribe for your own benefit.

Breaking News about Social Media Networks

At Sprout, we always like to pay close attention to the networks’ blogs for the latest and most accurate info. Check them out here:

Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy Resources

Social Media & Marketing News Social Profiles

Social Media Podcasts, YouTube Channels, Email Newsletters

A few other good ones that we’re fans of are LoyalHQ‘s Enewsletter and Jay Baer’s YouTube channel.

Social Media Marketing Conferences & Events

We love the bi-annual CMX events for community professionals in New York and San Francisco.

Where to Find Inspiration for Social Media

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