Every marketer dreams of having an opportunity to work for a company that’s rapidly expanding. When that opportunity arises, there’s a lot to learn and plenty of unexpected tasks to plan for and processes to establish. This week at #SproutChat, we were joined by Adam Palmer, Director of Digital at RumChata. During our chat, Adam talked about his marketing experience and offered our community advice on scaling a social media marketing strategy and expanding into international markets.

Prepare for Expansion With Extensive Planning

Take advantage of the time you have before launching in a new market to plan accordingly. Work with your team to extensively research the industry and establish a set of goals that you can benchmark against.

Understand How Your Product Is Perceived

The first step for scaling a marketing strategy and expanding internationally is understanding that country’s marketplace and consumer. Take the time to talk to potential customers, listen and apply their feedback into your marketing mix. Hire new team members with an understanding of the area in which you’re looking to expand into and identify existing employees who would be valuable assets in this new space.

Gain Relevancy by Building Community

The same advocacy initiatives that are applied in your current marketplace should be applied to in your new market. Find customers who are advocating for your brand, genuinely connect with these individuals and start building an engaged community.

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