It’s a new year! While you’ve likely started making personal and professional changes per your resolutions, social media changes all the time. At Sprout Social, we took notice of all the little tweaks we saw in 2015 and wrote the discussion questions for this week’s #SproutChat around the topics we think will be most important and impactful this year.

We kicked off the first chat of 2016 with predictions for the upcoming 12 months. Our community shared their perspective on where they see trends heading and offered up some insights on what they’re planning on implementing for their own brands.

Do It Live

With the rise and subsequent rapid growth of platforms like Meerkat, Periscope and Blab, there’s no doubt that real time marketing and engaging will be on the rise. How well brands utilize these unique opportunities to connect will determine whether their audience buys it or not. Above anything, transparency and connecting on a human level are the most important aspects for a brand looking to join in a live broadcast.

Social Commerce Is Any Network’s Game

Just about everyone from our chat predicted a different social channel that would be the one to scale social commerce this year. With so many existing options to purchase via social, it has been a slow climb. However, it’s only a matter of time before people start to click through click through and allocate their spending via prompts from a social channel.

Social Is Becoming a Bigger Player in SEO

First and foremost, social media and community marketers should always focus on quality content. Knowing your audience and being able to provide value for them is more important for the longevity of your brand than any SEO tactic. That’s not to say that SEO isn’t important. Without SEO, there wouldn’t be as many people exposed to your content. This year, the good news is that social signals are increasing in their impact, which means your LinkedIn post or Twitter profiles are ranking higher on the SERP. Continue to maintain strong social channels so new folks can find you through a Google search.

No Excuses for a Subpar Mobile Experience

Take a look around. Everyone is on their phone. If your webpage isn’t easy to read and well designed on mobile, users will abandon their experience. In line with that, links to social media profiles must also be easy to navigate to and click on. Keep in mind that a phone may be the sole interaction someone has with your brand. Make sure mobile is just as well-thought-out as desktop!


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