For social media and community managers, prioritizing networking and attending events and meetups is key for career advancement. Connections often lead to valuable collaboration opportunities or bigger, better roles. This week, the #SproutChat community offered their advice for making meaningful connections at conferences and meetups, and vouched for a number of events and associations that are worth checking out.

Do Your Research & Set Goals

It’s always helpful to do some research. Use social for doing research before an event and for making connections during an event. Keep individuals that you’d like to connect with top of mind. Channel extrovert tendencies, and don’t be afraid to walk up to strangers. Most people attend events for the same reason you do.

Keep an Ear to the Ground

You’ll likely hear about larger events on social through dedicated hashtags, friends or advertisements. To avoid missing smaller events, sign up for the event sponsor or hosting organization’s email list. Other tactics to help stay in the loop include joining Meetup or Facebook groups and checking Eventbrite.

Recommended Events

Here are some events focused around marketing, PR, advertising, journalism, entrepreneurship, startups and tech that the #SproutChat community recommended. Check them out, and see if any would be a good fit for you.

We’d love to see you at an event in 2016! Be sure to check here throughout the year to see where Sprout will be.

Recommended Associations

Professional organizations and associations are great resources for networking and learning more about the industry. Check out the list of national, international and regional groups the #SproutChat community finds resourceful.



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