Everyone likes to try and predict what’s next. Whether it’s the next best television show to binge watch or the next big social media marketing best practice, it’s fun to take a stab at predicting what the future holds.

At #SproutChat, we had more than 65 social media marketers join us to talk about what they believe 2017 has in store for the industry. We discussed potential trends in social content, network engagement and social advertising while also touching on what marketers will be abandoning in their 2017 strategies.

Immersive, Multimedia Content Experiences

The #SproutChat community believes that brands should continue to invest in video because it’s the content format that social networks tend to favor and that users want to see. However, in 2017 they believe that live video content will be more common. Larger brands with bigger budgets will also begin to pivot towards augmented reality and more immersive content experiences.

Instagram & Snapchat Usage Will Grow

As 2016 has shown, Instagram and Snapchat will continue to be two of the favorite social networks. Time will tell how the others stack up in comparison, but it’s apparent that real time content is king right now.

Social Advertising Will Be More Prominent

It’s hard to imagine that we’ll see more advertisements on social media, but that’s exactly what our community believes will happen this year. Brands are shelling out money and seeing results, so social media advertising will continue to grow. If you haven’t figured our your brand’s strategy for paid social yet, it’s time to figure it out–fast.

Join us next week at #SproutChat when we’ll be joined by Sprout All Star, Keri Jaehnig, to discuss creating compelling social content for the travel industry. Until then, connect with our community by joining our Facebook group.