The Q2 2016 Sprout Social Index found that 34.5% of consumers identify social media as their top choice for customer care. Proving that consumers are sending inquiries to brands on social–but how long are they willing to wait for a response? Our survey revealed that people are willing to wait an average of four hours max. Once time is up, 30% admitted to seeking out a competitor.

This means that social media managers need to be present and responsive nearly 24/7. But how can anyone maintain that level of attentiveness? Our #SproutChat community turns to mobile apps. Check out their best practices for managing social on the go in this week’s Twitter chat recap.

An Organized UI Is a Must

For a mobile app to be valuable to social media marketers on the go, it has to have a well organized UI. When your team is testing out different social media management apps, ensure the platform loads quickly and that you can each seamlessly transition from one task to the next.

Certain Industries Need Mobile More Than Others

For some brands, engaging in a real time content is necessary. If you’re planning to publish on social from an event, mobile is required. Plus, with the recent surge in live, social video, your followers are expecting more authentic content. A robust mobile app is an easy way to ensure that you’re equipped to meet their needs.

Tips for Managing Social via Mobile

If you know you’re going to be exclusively publishing and engaging on mobile, it helps to prepare in advance. Edit and save images and other media so your content assets are only a few taps away. Use a note taking app to keep links handy. Always have back up batteries on hand and know how and where you can connect to the internet.

Join us next week for #SproutChat to discuss, “How to Grow your Business Quickly” with #SproutAllStar, Krista Whitley. Until then, chat with the our community in our Facebook group.