Social media marketers have a plethora of productivity apps and platforms in their tool boxes. But figuring out how to best utilize various softwares and workflows can be challenging. This week at #SproutChat, we were joined by Lolitta Gevorkova, Social Media Specialist at Evernote. We discussed how social media marketers can get the most out of their business day, business goals and tips and tricks for increasing productivity.

Managing Your Content Calendar

Managing a content calendar is no easy task, especially when multiple teams are involved in the creation and curation of content. Lolitta provided tips for using Evernote to manage your content calendars and our community chimed in with their own processes.

Collaborate Across your Team for Maximum Productivity

Collaboration is the key to success for any organization. Identifying your team member’s strengths and assigning tasks is a must. Our #SproutChat community weighed in with their most effective team productivity hacks.

Teams of One Should Take Note

Productivity tools aren’t just for teams. Individuals can benefit from tapping into productivity tools for reminders, automation, content scheduling and so more. When you’re wearing many hats and managing various tasks, prioritizing the productivity software features that save the most time is crucial.

Get the Most out of Your Software

The best features within a software are often “hidden.” These lesser known capabilities provide marketers with the “a-ha” moment that changes the way they look at a tool and increases daily usage. Lolitta shared her favorite Evernote “hidden” features and the rest of the community offered their own software must-haves.

Foster Growth & Encourage Community Engagement

For social media marketers, productivity also means fostering community growth and engagement–no matter how many other tasks are being assigned. The #SproutChat community knows this challenge more than anyone. Check out their best tips for achieving community while staying focused and prioritizing other asks.

Next week at #SproutChat, we’ll discuss how to create great video content. Until then, join our Facebook community to stay connected.