Marketers know that content drives traffic. But figuring out which social channels’ content should be distributed on and how it should be shared can be a challenge. Creating a successful content marketing distribution strategy is essential for success. During this week’s #SproutChat we were joined by Sprout All Star and Spin Sucks Chief Content Officer, Erika Heald.

Both experts shared their advice on how to craft a content distribution strategy that focus on advocacy and generates real business value.

A/B Test to See Where Advocacy Content Generates the Most Success

Determining what success looks like for your advocacy content distribution plan requires the resources to test and learn. When sharing a new piece of content try two different headlines and/or different creative.

Anecdotally monitor the sentiments and responses around your content to learn more about how the piece is resonating with your audience. Be creative with your A/B tests but always be sure that you only have one variable that differentiates your evaluations.

When testing new content distribution channels it’s important to include multiple networks, even more niche ones. Based on your industry it might be worth exploring Quora, Reddit or Medium. Regardless of where your brand is sharing its content, make sure that you’re diligently tracking your results.

Involve All Interested & Passionate Colleagues

Employee advocacy has been gaining steam as a beneficial, organic distribution method. Don’t be afraid to authentically tap into your existing employee base and excite them to share social content on behalf of your brand.

Enlist Your Most Passionate Community Members

Social media marketers can likely name five individuals who are already acting as a champion for their product, brand or content. Encourage these individuals to consistently advocate on your brand’s behalf.

Having trouble finding your customer advocates? Do your research. Work across internal teams to find out which customers have been with your brand the longest or use a social conversation history to identify your most active fans. Reach out to these people. You may be surprised at the advocacy and content sharing they’re willing to commit to just because you showed them your appreciation and asked.

Next week we’ll be hosting a product focused #SproutChat where we’ll be discussing content management and best practices for using Sprout’s new Asset Library. See you Wednesday, December 7 at 2 p.m. CST on Twitter! Until then, join our Facebook group and connect with other members of our community.