Marketers know that what metrics matter for one brand, aren’t always the same for another. Working in social, it can be tough to effectively measure the ROI of a social campaign since it’s not as cut and dry as a traditional marketing campaign. Of course, you can’t get around having to present the value of your efforts to leadership, especially if you have revenue goals tied to social.

In this week’s #SproutChat, we were joined by Sprout All Star, Jasmin Bollman of, to discuss challenges with social metrics and measuring revenue goal success from social campaigns.

Ensure Goals Are Being Met

Measuring your social ROI is a way to track and make sure that your efforts are meeting your brand’s bottom line. This measurement helps inform business decisions and social strategy direction.

ROI Isn’t Always Universal

Keep in mind that what works for one brand could be very different for another, as not all businesses strive toward the same goals. Take the time to consider your target objectives and make sure that your social campaigns are aligned with these.

Present Clear & Concise Information

Since social ROI is not as clear-cut to measure as traditional marketing campaigns, be sure that you’re presenting the most applicable data to senior leadership. Tell the whole, contextual story so those not involved in the day to day efforts feel as though they have a real grasp of what’s working.

Make Room for Changes Along the Way

It’s good to understand what’s performing well and what’s not, but it’s almost more important to be flexible to change along the way. Be agile and allow some wiggle room when business goals shift or the ROI isn’t what you initially mapped out.

Take Immediate Small Steps

There are many small items you can tick off a list that can help improve your measurement goals. Start by tracking objectives, add UTM codes to links and tagging your posts by segment type.

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