As social media professionals, we should consider allocating our time and expertise to causes that we’re passionate about. Social is a unique place for charitable organizations to gain exposure and support from a wide network. This week at #SproutChat, Sprout All Star David Pride joined us to discuss how he has allocated his knowledge on social media to several causes including Hope for the Arctic and The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica.

Find a Cause You Truly Care About

There are so many organizations and causes that need support and the internet has made it possible to find a variety of nonprofits. Start by researching and identifying an organization that really motivates you. Ask your friends what nonprofits they’re involved in and follow Twitter hashtags like #volunteer, #cause or #donate for a better idea of where you can get involved. With so many options available, you might just have a tough time narrowing it down to just one charity to support!

Make the Biggest Impact by Lending Your Expertise

Time is one of the most impactful things that you can donate. Gain valuable experience and make a difference by donating your social media marketing skills. You’ll learn how to operate on a budget, how to motivate a community and undoubtedly work with people from different backgrounds. As with any volunteer work, ensure that expectations are clear from the start by remaining upfront with your availability.

Aim to Build Strong Relationships

The ability to connect online is great but, on it’s own, the internet won’t allow you to build strong relationships with a nonprofit. Attend fundraisers and events and tell a holistic story by sharing these photos on the organization’s social channels. Don’t forget to ask in-person supporters to share their experiences with their personal online communities.

Participate & Gain Inspiration From Social Campaigns

Check out these successful social campaigns for causes you can get involved in and for inspiration for your own efforts.

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