Navigating ways to advance your career can be tough. With a newer industry like social media and community management, it’s often unclear how to progress in your role. Maggie Malek started at MMI Agency in Houston as an Account Executive and is now the Head of PR and Social Media. In this week’s #SproutChat Maggie joined us and offered some practical advice on how to keep movin’ on up!

Prove Your Credibility by Showcasing Your Expertise

In today’s market, social media experts and influencers are in demand. In order to prove you’ve got chops, develop your skills in as many platforms as possible and get to know the business side well. Look for hard problems to solve, ask probing questions and always follow through on projects.

Stand out by Being Fearless

The best of the best aren’t afraid to try and fail. With your professional reputation at stake, it’s often a challenge to muster up the courage to test and try new ideas. But being fearless is the best route to achieving new levels of success. In today’s market, there are so many opportunities for social media professionals to experiment with new ideas and discover effective tactics, so why not dive in?

Strive to Get Diverse Experiences

Working with brands in different industries will help make you more marketable to potential employers. When you’re required to think of ways to promote different brands and companies, you’ll naturally acquire more skills. On the other hand, building up credibility in a single industry will make you more marketable in that category, so if you’ve found an industry that you’d like to pursue for your entire career, stick with it!

Live by the Quotes

Social media professionals are fans of motivational quotes and sayings. Our #SproutChat community wanted to share some of their favorites. Add your favorite quotes to your workspace and remember to stay motivated and challenge yourself.

Hone These Traits for Success

The world of social media management isn’t the easiest to tackle, but here are some words of wisdom on the top skills to focus on to have a successful career as a social media professional.

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