A brand tends to only think about its reputation when its faced with a crisis. Active management of public perception is a cornerstone to success. With so many digital avenues to consider, it takes a team of professionals to fully get a pulse on how individuals perceive your presence.

This week at #SproutChat, we discussed how to effectively monitor reputation, which components are important to keep a close watch on and how to best prevent a crisis of any sort.

Monitor Far & Wide

Social media monitoring means more than just searching for brand mentions. A comprehensive brand monitoring plans includes not only @mentions and inbound messages, but also how your customers commonly reference your brand, misspellings, product names and more; and that’s just on social. Keeping tabs on mentions around the web in blog posts, reviews and visual or video content is just as important. Utilize tools and create methodology around locating all mentions so you have an encompassing picture. Brick and mortar businesses can get creative with in-store activations to garner feedback.

Deal With Trolls Graciously

Always address genuinely frustrated customers, but don’t pander to those only looking to be a nuisance. You can typically tell the difference between a troll and a frustrated customer by the way they initially react to your helpful responses. If they won’t give up a fight, move on and just ignore.

Be Prepared for a Crisis

A solid plan to deal with a crisis is essential for any successful team. While a crisis may occur without any kind of prevention possible, social media and PR professionals should always be prepared for disasters of any kind.

If a Crisis Happens, Move Quickly

Sometimes, a crisis is inevitable. Address the issue head on by gathering all the relevant details. Make it priority to move quickly and resolve the issue. It always helps to keep a level head and calm demeanor when dealing with a major event that negatively impacts your brand.

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