How Team Sprout Gives Back.001

There are more than 660 public schools serving almost 400,000 students in the city of Chicago. Among them is Chicago Collegiate Charter School, which currently serves 225 students in grades 4–7. Chicago Collegiate’s mission is to prepare 100% of its students to attend and graduate from college.

Three years in and their approach is working: Despite students entering Chicago Collegiate on average dramatically below grade level, students have shown growth in the top 1% nationally for math and top 2% nationally for reading.

At Sprout, we believe in the power of education and the importance of making a high quality education accessible to all students. We want to do what we can to encourage young people to continue their education, and that includes helping schools like Chicago Collegiate foster an environment that enables learning for their students, staff and community.

Earlier this month, a group of Sprout Social employees headed over to Chicago Collegiate to enhance their playground, clean up the hallways and redo their reception area: in short, to beautify their campus so that students can have a clean, organized place to learn.

We decided to develop a formal corporate giving program at Sprout nearly two years ago. To kick it off, we surveyed the entire team to ensure we were supporting the causes people cared about. The results showed that youth, education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) were clearly important to our team, and since then, we’ve partnered with one Chicago school each year to invest hours, effort and dollars into projects that serve the needs of the school community.

Over the course of our year working with Chicago Collegiate Charter School, we’ve hosted a full team visit in the fall, a book drive around the winter holidays and a smaller on-site in the spring. Members of Team Sprout have helped with projects ranging from organizing the classroom libraries to debugging and repairing some of the school’s computers to presenting on their career paths.

We’re proud to support a culture of giving back to the greater community and looking forward to more service days, drives and projects as Team Sprout continues to grow.