Recently Facebook began experimenting with a new format for Sponsored Stories that would encourage more interaction between consumers and brands. It appears that the company is now planning to move the ad platform into users’ News Feeds early next year.

Sponsored Stories is an ad format that integrates Facebook friends’ activities into small ads that appear on the right side of the News Feed. It’s an organic way to work brand mentions onto the homepage.

Last month Facebook added Sponsored Stories to the Ticker as well. Despite criticism for the integration, the company is moving forward and the ad platform seems to have become a primary method for monetizing the social network.

A Facebook representative said that the ads will be used “sparingly,” and that most users will see the maximum of one ad per day in News Feeds. The rep also noted that the rotation of the ads depends on the response it gets with successful ads sticking around longer.

Facebook’s user base is usually a tough crowd to sell, but if the social network stands by its one-ad-a-day claim, the transition could be successful. Earlier this summer Twitter introduced ads into news feeds without much fuss from users. It will be some time before we see how this affects businesses, but so far Sponsored Stories seem to be playing nice with users.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Coletivo Mambembe]