How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Images for News Feed

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced a more streamlined look for News Feed and Pages. While the latter made it easier for admins to access the features that are important to them, the News Feed revamp put an even greater emphasis on the images you share. As a result, brands have had to abide by a fresh set of image-sizing guides.

Although you’ve likely already made the necessary adjustments to your Facebook Page’s cover photo and profile image, the visual content you’re uploading might not be optimized for News Feed. In this article, we’ll review the sizing requirements for your Page’s assets and provide best practices for sharing News Feed-optimized content.

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Cover Photos and Profile Pictures

It can be frustrating having to tweak your cover photo and profile image every time Facebook makes a design change, but working with the recommended heights and widths ensures that your Page looks fantastic.

The current size of cover photos is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Uploading an image that’s smaller than these dimensions will result in stretching to meet the larger size. This means that an less than ideal version of your asset could be displayed. As a general rule, cover photos must be at least 399 by 150 pixels.

To ensure the fastest load times for your Page, your upload should be less than 100 KB. If you’re cover photo includes your logo or text, you can improve the quality of your image by using a PNG file.

Profile pictures are square and display at 160 by 160 pixels; however, the photo you upload must be at least 180 by 180 pixels. Uploading a square image is recommended, otherwise rectangular images will be cropped to fit a square.

Creative Examples

If you’d like to get creative with your cover photo and profile picture, the latter is located 23 pixels from the left side of your cover photo and 210 pixels from the top. There’s no shortage of examples from brands that have utilized the two in creative ways. Here are just a few of them:







Louis Vuitton


News Feed Optimization

You might be wondering why News Feed optimization even matters if everything looks good on your Facebook Page. It all comes down to user behavior. Ninety-nine percent of members look only at the News Feed, and never return to a Page after the initial Like.

Square images, which are popular because you can post them on other platforms, are spread across the whole column in Page View, but are smaller and left-justified in the News Feed. In order to maximize the space in News Feed, design an image that is 1200 by 1000 pixels — a six by five proportion is ideal in this situation. At this size, it’ll have center alignment on both your Page and News Feed.

And keep in mind that shared link thumbnail images on News Feed are 196 by 377 pixels. You’ll want to make sure that any images uploaded to articles on your blog or website are optimized for these dimensions. You can get answers to other questions about the revamped Pages in one of our earlier articles. Additionally, here’s a helpful social image sizes guide for additional platforms — see Twitter’s updated design specs here.