5 National Brands Using Facebook Right

National brands use Facebook to promote their businesses, increase sales, engage with consumers, reward loyal brand advocates, and so much more.

With a bit of customization, you can turn a Facebook Page into a fully-branded, entertaining, and meaningful online experience for visitors. Let’s take a look at five national brands using Facebook right to get some creative inspiration and strategic ideas for your own branded Facebook Page.

1. Burt’s Bees

5 National Brands Using Facebook Right - Burts Bees

Visit the Burt’s Bees Facebook Page and click the “More” link in the left sidebar to see all the specific sections of content available to visitors. The variety and quality of the content on the Burt’s Bees Facebook Page provides an excellent example of how to use Facebook for brand marketing.

Some of the Page’s highlights include a fully-integrated store where you can not only purchase products but also share the selections you made with friends. Fans can take part in polls, powered by the Opinion Polls Facebook app. Another great feature is the coupon section. A simple call to action — “Like us and unlock our offers” — offers a sample coupon to everyone who Likes the Page.

The Burt’s Bees Page also promotes fun, timely, seasonal promotions such as the “Bee Merry” social media marketing campaign. Visitors to the Page are invited to add a tacky sweater icon to their Facebook profile. Burt’s Bees will donate $1 to the One Warm Coat charity for each profile that adds the icon.

To build brand buzz and visitor engagement, Burt’s Bees also asks visitors to upload and tag photos of themselves wearing their tackiest holiday sweaters. All of Burt’s Bees efforts and activities on Facebook are a perfect match for the brand and their fans seems to love it.

2. Oreo

5 National Brands Using Facebook Right - Oreo Cookies

Oreo packs a lot of information for diverse audience segments into the Oreo Facebook Page. The first thing that stands out on the Page is the call to action included in the image displayed at the top of the left sidebar.

This is a space where many brands simply display their logos. Instead, Oreo encourages people to tag Oreo in the photos they upload to Facebook, giving Oreo the opportunity to include those tagged photos in its “World’s Fan of the Week” campaign. Each week, a new fan’s picture is displayed in that space on the Oreo Facebook Page. It’s a brilliant campaign to engage with fans of the brand.

The Oreo Facebook Page is very active; fans participate by publishing comments, taking polls (which Oreo cleverly uses for market research), uploading pictures, and more. Visitors can also interact through special features, such as creating their own celebrity Oreo “lick-racing” teams.

While all of this is going on, Oreo also includes several sections of its Facebook Page that are targeted to specific areas of the world, including Malaysia and Puerto Rico. Despite all of this content and activity, the Oreo Facebook Page isn’t cluttered or overwhelming.

3. Xbox

5 National Brands Using Facebook Right - Xbox

The Xbox Facebook Page is great for similar reasons as the Oreo Facebook Page. The Xbox Page offers a lot of information targeted to a wide variety of specific audiences.

Click the “More” link in the left sidebar of the Xbox Facebook Page, and you’ll see over 30 different sections. Since Xbox owners don’t all play the same games, Xbox created sections on its Facebook Page so different audiences know exactly where to go to get the meaningful content and conversations that matter to them.

There are sections for popular games, specific game devices, geographic areas, wish lists, and more. Even members of the Xbox rewards program get a special place on the Xbox Facebook Page. For new visitors to the Xbox Facebook Page, it’s easy to personalize the entire experience with avatars and backgrounds, which are accessible through the “Welcome to Xbox” section.

4. Red Bull

5 National Brands Using Facebook Right - Red Bull

The Red Bull Facebook Page is pure genius. If you’re looking for a brand that understands its audience and that has a Facebook Page that speaks directly to that audience, then the Red Bull Page is for you.

Red Bull posts content and responds to visitor comments in a language and style that is appropriate (and expected) for the brand. There is no corporate rhetoric here. Instead, words like “stoked” fill the Red Bull wall, and visitors love it.

The Red Bull Facebook Page is also a great example of how to create engaging content without being overly self-promotional. The Page includes Twitter streams from popular athletes, entertaining games, mobile apps, and of course, the highly popular “Drunkish Dials” section. All of this content is created with Red Bull’s target audience — irreverent young males — in mind.

5. Walmart

Walmart does a few things very well on its Walmart Facebook Page. For example, the Page includes a fully-integrated and searchable store, and an active feedback section. There is even an entire section devoted to meal planning and recipes, which many Walmart shoppers are likely to be interested in.

Where the main Walmart Facebook Page really stands out is in localization. It’s very easy to find your local Walmart Facebook Page, shop through your local Walmart store, and find local deals and ads directly from the main Walmart Facebook Page. Links in the left sidebar turn a national brand into a local experience with a single mouse click.

What other national brands are using Facebook right? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image credits: Adam Fagen, Kitty Wallace, Hello Marin, Plan8 Podcast, Boris Mitendorfer Photography, Walmart Stores]