It can be challenging to be one of only a few people at an organization with a specific skill set, but Marie says there is nothing she’d rather do than play with data puzzles all day. Lucky for her, that is exactly what all of us in the marketing department depend on her for. In this edition of Meet Team Sprout, Marie talked with me about what it is like to dig deep into the numbers to uncover what makes our customers tick. I also learned that she is insanely talented at intramural sports, boasting a handful of championship wins. Curious about which sports? Read on to find out and learn more about what successes she is most proud of as well as what office snacks she can’t live without.

Name: Marie Dador
Department: Marketing
Started at Sprout: June 27, 2016

What’s your role at Sprout? Can you explain what your role entails?
I am the Manager of Marketing Data & Analytics here at Sprout. In my role, I lead a team responsible for the collection, organization and distribution of marketing data throughout the department and entire Sprout Social organization. The data my team collects is extremely insightful as it helps the team better understand the significant milestones of our customers’ journeys—as they continue to engage with our content, purchase our suite of solutions and interact with the features we have to offer.

If you had to describe your job in a hashtag, what would it be?

Can you describe a success you are most proud of during your time at Sprout?
While a lot of my day to day work is usually centered around digging into data, I also have a passion for teaching. Since being a teacher wasn’t core to my job, especially before I had a team, I recognized an opportunity in the summer of 2017 to both pursue my passion and empower Sprout’s marketers to take a more active role in collecting and understanding the metrics behind their projects. To do this, I created a marketing data and analytics course, which consisted of four sessions designed to lead the team through the basics of data analytics. Since not everyone is usually bought in to teaching analytical acumen, it was really fulfilling to receive support not only from marketing leadership, but from the entire team. Nearly every session was full and now all of Sprout’s marketers have the confidence to find the numbers they need to show the importance of their work.

Where in the office do you do your best thinking?
For me, it has always been less about where I do my best thinking, and instead when I do my best thinking. I typically arrive at the office around 6:45 or 7a.m. to power through a handful of work before my team members arrive. There are rarely other people in the office around this time so distractions are minimal, which means I can be more productive and dig deeper into the data in front of me.

What are you favorite snacks in the Sprout kitchen?
You can usually find me hoarding RXBARS and the gomacro chocolate coconut bars. I am also obsessed with coconut LaCroix.

What are some of your passions outside of work?
I absolutely love to read. One of my favorite reads at the moment is the Southern Reach Trilogy, which follows a group of researchers as they explore a mysterious and deadly wilderness called Area X. I also highly suggest Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former data scientist at Google. The book is fascinating and looks at how everything we know about people is often wrong because everyone lies—to their friends, families, and even on anonymous surveys. Besides reading, I enjoy playing intramural sports. In fact, I am a nine-time kickball champion, three-time soccer champion, three-time volleyball champion and a one-time softball champion.

What is one thing you do almost every morning?
I have to stretch every morning. I use a foam roller to loosen up my muscles and energize myself for the day ahead. By taking even a few minutes to prepare my mind and body for upcoming tasks and projects, I feel I can make the most out of my days.