How to Use Facebook for EnterpriseNavigating the social space takes organization and management. One of the first steps is to get your brand set up with a Facebook Page. But if your social efforts start to grow and you’ve got multiple people contributing, it’s important to get the entire team on the same page.

You need a game plan in place to successfully manage Facebook for your enterprise. Your policies have to be clear, and your content and branding have to be consistent. Here are some tips to keep your enterprise-wide Facebook campaigns rolling along.

Establish a Brand Persona

How to Manage Facebook for Enterprise - Protect The Brand

As you launch your brand into multiple social networks, you’ll find that it slowly takes on its own persona. With multiple employees speaking on the brand’s behalf, it becomes increasingly important to define exactly what that corporate persona should be. For example, if your brand is serious and authoritative, you’re not going to address your followers like they’re your buddies. Instead, you’ll probably choose to communicate in a more formal tone. That way, your brand reflects a persona your followers are already familiar with.

Make use of a style guide to reinforce your brand’s persona. Include relevant information and instructions for everyone who’s posting to your Facebook Page, such as proper punctuation and the correct spelling of your products.

The appearance of your brand is also an important consideration when crafting your enterprise’s Facebook experience. Your brand probably has its own style guide for logos, designs, and colors you use online. Keep your visual image consistent with your social efforts so that you’re easily recognizable to your fans and followers.

Coordinate Your Efforts

How to Manage Facebook for Enterprise - Coordinate Your Efforts

When there’s more than one cook in the Facebook kitchen, you need to find a way to ensure that people are clear about what their roles are, and when they should leap into action. Ideally, the best way to keep things consistent is to have one person who’s in charge of the lion share of day-to-day efforts. Designate a staff member to get conversations started and reply to questions and comments from fans.

The rest of the team may pitch in to cover vacation days or sick days; or you may designate team members to post only certain types of content, or on certain days of the week. For instance, you might find that photos are a popular feature on your page. If one of your team members has a certain expertise in photography, make him or her exclusively responsible for uploading photos to your Facebook Page.

Establish a Content Strategy

How to Manage Facebook for Enterprise - Content Strategy

There are no definitive answers when it comes to establishing a content strategy for your Facebook Page. Depending on your brand, some types of content may work better than others. First and foremost, consider how people will interact with your content. When posting something to your page, give users content worth sharing, Liking, and commenting on. Look beyond using Facebook as a means of broadcasting your messages, and consider how a person might want to interact with your content.

Facebook is an easy place for your customers to get your attention and ask questions, provide feedback, and discuss your products. Your page gives you the option of putting people’s comments front and center or moving them into a separate area. When you land on a Facebook Page, you’ll see the wall has a link for the brand’s posts and for “Everybody.” When you edit your page, you can customize how you want that information to be displayed.

If you want to be more reactive to commentary left on the page and do less posting of original wall posts, then having people’s comments as the default view might be the way you want to go. Conversely, if you want to lead the conversation, you’ll probably want people’s comments viewable in a separate area on your page.

Whatever content strategy you decide upon, discuss your choices with all of the team members involved. Regularly revisit the issue to see if any adjustments to your content strategy are necessary.

Track Your Analytics

How to Manage Facebook for Enterprise - Track Analytics

One of the best ways to make sure your enterprise’s Facebook campaign is reaching its target audience, is to track your page’s analytics. Take a look at how different types of content are performing; keep in mind that times of the day and days of the week can affect when people are most engaged on Facebook. Adjust your content strategy accordingly. Learn more about how to navigate Facebook analytics by reading our article: How to Use Facebook Insights.

Finally, it can be easy to focus on how many Likes your page has. Initially, you may want to reach a certain number of fans in order for your wall posts to become more effective — but make sure that’s not the only metric you’re concentrating on. Focus on how people are engaging with your content. Track how often they’re making it back to your website and taking a next step, like purchasing your product.

How do you manage multiple people working on your Facebook campaign? Please share your tips in the comments below.

[Image credits: Andrew Becraft, Boxon Vision, penguinsix, Chris Giddings, Jérémie Rocher]