Musicians playing gigs through Google+ are in for a treat this week as Google has enhanced the sound of Hangouts On Air.

Studio Mode is an option that lets broadcasters optimize sound quality for music instead of voice. All you have to do is start your Hangout On Air, click settings, and switch from Voice to Studio Mode.

The simple adjustment results in clearer instruments, a more balanced mix, and an overall better quality presentation. You can listen to the difference Studio Mode makes in the video below.

In May, Google made Hangouts On Air available to the entire Google+ user base. This enabled anyone to host a Hangout and broadcast it publicly over Google+ and YouTube. Musicians specifically have embraced this technology, using Hangouts to host live virtual concerts for worldwide audiences.

“We wanted to make these live hangout concerts sound more like the stage,” stated product manager Matthew Leske. With better sound quality, it’s possible that more musicians will turn to Google+ for community engagement. Google is gradually rolling out Studio Mode to all users.

[Image credit: Derek Gavey]