Google is focused on giving you more control over how you manage your online and offline conversations, which is why the company has integrated Google+ Circles into Google Voice.

Google Voice is an online phone service that provides you with customization and filtering options. Through this integration, the search giant enables you to assign different answering rules for each of your Circles.

You can now choose whether calls from a certain Circle will be sent straight to voicemail or not. You can also tell it to screen calls from specific Circles, which lets you listen to a short preview before answering.

Additionally you can set personalized ringtones and voicemail greetings for each group — which might come in handy if your personal phone doubles as your business phone.

To access these controls, visit the new Groups and Circles tab in the Google Voice settings menu. Currently these can only be adjusted through your desktop; mobile apps haven’t been updated yet.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Renato Ganoza]