Hashtags are a useful way to discover conversations around a particular topic. In May, Google added related hashtags to the Google+ stream, and today the company announced that it’s bringing a richer hashtag experience to Google Search.

Now when someone searches on Google for a hashtag a set of relevant Google+ posts will appear to the right of regular results. That individual will only see posts that have been shared publicly or shared specifically with him or her. When clicked, he or she will be taken to Google+.

We should note that only Google+ content will appear; however, Google will display links to search for hashtags on other social sites like Twitter and Facebook. It’s not clear if other platforms (like Instagram or Vine) will be added.

Considering that Google+ usage pales in comparison to Google Search, it makes sense that the company would integrate these two products. People are already looking for hashtags on the search engine. The integration could lead to more engagement on the platform.

Today’s update will first be made available to English language users on google.com and google.ca. It will be live within the next few hours, so you might not have the functionality right away. There was no word on whether Google plans to roll it out globally.

[Image credit: Alan Levine]