Today Google announced that Google+ will power some of Google Reader’s features, marking the beginning of its integration into other products.

Google Reader is a web-based aggregator of RSS – which stands for Really Simple Syndication – feeds, which make it easy to keep up with the latest posts from your favorite blogs and websites without having to visit each site individually.

The company is implementing some interface changes, similar to the design updates of Google Calendar, Google Docs, and most recently – though unconfirmed – Gmail.

Google Reader will also have some social features that will make it easier to share posts from your RSS feed to Google+ Circles. Some of Google Reader’s existing social features – duplicated by the new Google+ features – will be removed next week, including friending and following. Moving forward, to share a post you simply click on the +1 button.

Should you decide that you no longer wish to use Google Reader, the company is extending its export feature to include subscriptions, shared items, starred items, your likes and your friends.

Although brands are still unable to have a presence on Google+, deeper integration with other Google products enables you to build out your personal brand on the social platform in the mean time.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Felipe Skroski]