Google+ stands out from other social networks in part due to its video integration. Users can chat face-to-face through Hangouts, or just watch YouTube videos without leaving the site. Google has announced yet another new feature that makes it even easier to interact with videos.

The newest update enables you to record a video from your webcam and share it through Google+ without having to upload it to YouTube first. This feature is great for sharing private messages – such as tutorials or product sneak-peeks – with specific Circles. Although you can share links to YouTube videos with select groups, the video is still available to the public on YouTube’s platform.

To record a video, click the video icon in the share box and choose Record Video. When you’re done recording the video will appear as an attachment to your post and you can share it right away with your Circles.

Another potentially popular use of this feature is video replies. Google is working hard to encourage conversation and content discovery across the social network. By allowing users to quickly record and share videos, it could be a great way to draw more users into conversations. With the addition of screen sharing and integration with other Google products, Google+ is becoming a powerful tool for businesses.

Google began rolling out this feature to its user base yesterday afternoon. It’s possible that not all users will have it just yet, but be sure to check back over the next few days.

[Image credit: David Mellis]