In addition to sharing with Circles, participating in Hangouts, and engaging in Communities, many people turn to Google+ to log in to various websites. In fact, a new study found that, in terms of social logins, the service is more popular than LinkedIn and Twitter combined.

Every quarter, Janrain — which makes tools to help developers use social logins — analyzes social login preferences for online consumers across all websites. Its latest study found that while Facebook leads the way (46 percent), Google+ is in a strong second place with 34 percent of social logins.

Google+ Sign-In is performing particularly well on consumer brand and retail sites, which could be a reflection of the trust that people place in Google as a secure provider of their online identity. The tool has also outperformed Yahoo and Twitter in terms of media site logins and entertainment and gaming logins.

Launched earlier this year, Google+ Sign-In allows visitors to sign up for an account on your website or app without having to create a separate username and password. Similar to buttons offered by Facebook and Twitter, it’ll let individuals carry some of their Google+ information with them.

The search giant has already given android developers several reasons to adopt its sign-in tool. For starters, Google has made it so that anyone who logs in to your website through Google+ will be prompted to download your app. Additionally, if someone searches for your site or app (assuming you’ve already integrated with Google+ Sign-In) he or she will see popular user activity near the search results.

If you’ve gone as far as integrating Google+ Sign-In, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve included easy access to your Google+ Page as well as the option to +1 your content. Sharing is becoming increasingly important on the platform. Just last week, Google began highlighting some of your well-received posts in your followers’ main streams, which is great for brands as it could result in more reach for your posts.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Eric Skiff]