Social networks can be rewarding for both consumers and marketers, but they can also be breeding grounds for spammers and Internet trolls. To weed out the bad behavior, Google has built in tools like comment moderation and Hangout controls into Google+. Today, the search giant introduced two new safety and security features for the social network.

Starting today you’ll have more options when reporting bad posts, comments, profiles, or photos. The updated reporting feature lets you tell Google exactly what the issue is, allowing the company to act more quickly and prevent the abuse from happening again. The addition of “This person’s account might be compromised or hacked” is especially handy.

The new safety features carry over into Hangouts as well. Currently if you ignore someone in a video chat, Google+ will mute his or her audio and video. In addition to that, Google will automatically record a small snippet of the Hangout and notify the room. This allows the company to review the incident to ensure the report was valid. Google will delete the clip afterward.

And finally, Google has updated the information that appears when you’ve chosen to report or block someone. The additional copy helps you determine whether the issue at hand is actually in violation of the rules. This should help cut down on the number of false claims submitted.

If you’re currently experiencing inappropriate interruptions during your public Hangouts or Google+ conversations, we recommend becoming familiar with Google’s new and existing safety and security features.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Mark Strozier]