Google, in trying to make it easier to follow and contribute to live events on Google+, has introduced two new features: real-time search results and improved hashtag support.

Currently, when a user performs a search on Google+ he or she receives a list of results that occurred prior to when the search was performed.

Now, as new posts come in, a message will appear at the top of the list to notify the user that more results are available – which is similar to how Twitter displays its search results. Unlike Twitter, however, once the message is clicked, new posts will automatically populate the search results without additional clicks.

Additionally if an individual uses a hashtag inside his or her post, it will automatically link to search results for that term. So instead of manually typing “Android” into the search box, a user just has to click on the hashtag inside of the post to be taken to the list of related posts.

The new features – which are being rolled out gradually – will help make search results more timely and relevant, which will especially come in handy for breaking news and live events. Furthermore, the new features could help create more awareness around brands and businesses once Google+ supports business pages.

[Image credit: Artem Popov]