Google continues integrating Google+ into its other products by adding a prompt at the end of search results that encourages users to create conversations on its social network.

Earlier this month Google introduced Search plus Your World, which aims to socialize search results. When an individual searches for a topic on Google the results will mix in posts and photos that have been shared with him or her through Google+.

The latest update encourages people to ask friends about a specific topic on Google+. The company has added an “Ask on Google+” button below the search results on any page. It appears that the prompt is only available to users that are signed in to their Google accounts.

It seems that this prompt appears with every search, so it’s not limited to specific topics. When clicked, a conversation box will appear, which is similar to the box that you see when sharing something that you’ve +1’d. Text related to the topic is provided, but users can add more, which will help give context to the question.

Additionally users can choose which Circles to share the question with. For example, if an individual has a question about Italy, he or she can direct the question to friends that have been there. Brands will also benefit as consumers can ask questions regarding a product or service directly from search results.

This new feature is a subtle way to initiate conversations on Google+. It feels less intrusive than Search plus Your World, and just might be enough to encourage more sign-ups for the social network.

[Via: Search Engine Land, Image credit: MoneyBlogNewz]