Only days after Barack Obama joined Google+, Google has introduced a community guide for politicians and candidates, which offers step-by-step instructions for designing a Google+ Page and connecting with voters.

The search giant recently launched a series of community guides – divided by category – which aim to encourage community growth and help organizations succeed on its social network. The guides include case studies and ideas of how organizations have used Google+ effectively.

The new guide for politicians and candidates focuses on how to create a Google+ Page for a public office or campaign. Additionally the guides will provide more information about how you and your staff can promote issues, platforms, or causes across the web.

Google has also provided a list of politicians already using the social network, including presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The guide encourages politicians to create a Page in addition to personal profiles. “Since you need to establish a personal profile on Google+ when creating a Google+ Page, we recommend that you use and update only your Google+ Page, not your personal profile, to avoid fragmenting your audience when they search for you on Google+.”

The presidential campaign and politics in general are expected to pull in a lot of interest over the next year. As candidates seek out support, its important that they go where the people are. Google+ offers some unique features – such as Hangouts – that other social networks lack. For this reason, it’s worth checking out the guide to determine if your campaign will benefit.

[Via: SocialTimes, Image credit: DonkeyHotey]