Christmas has come early for Google+ users as Google just announced a number of new features aimed to improve user experience. The competition between Google+ and Facebook Pages continues on.

The company has received a lot of feedback after the public launch of Google+ Brand Pages. Previously only one admin could be assigned to a Brand Page and teams would have to share login credentials. Google now allows brands and businesses to assign up to 50 admins for a single Page – which is perfect for companies with large marketing and social media teams.

Admins will also notice a new notification flow that will display all of the activity on your Page – including +1s and shares that your posts have received. Additionally, notifications now offer easy-to-read sneak previews that immediately tell you what’s new and why you should care. Google will also provide you with an aggregated count of users that have engaged with your Page through +1s or by adding it to a Circle.

And finally, Google has introduced a way to control which posts appear in your stream. A new slider has been added to the top of the page – when viewing individual Circle streams – that lets you adjust how posts from that Circle blend into your main stream. Similar to the feed controls offered by Facebook, this feature will prevent you from missing out on posts from your brand evangelists or industry contacts.

By adding better Page controls for admins, Google+ is creating a similar experience to that of Facebook Pages. Google says this is just the start of its updates, but this may be the motivation people need to come aboard.

All of these features will be rolled out over the next couple of days, so if you don’t see them now, be sure to check back soon. You can learn more about the improvements to Google+ Pages by watching the video below.

[Image credit: Kachina Daze]