Since launching Google+ Communities, the company has been building out the feature, most recently adding support for recommended communities.

Today, Google has responded to user feedback by adding a “Promote author to moderator” option for the drop-down menus on posts.

Google+ Communities were launched earlier this month in an effort to drive engagement. Similar to Facebook Groups, you’re able to form groups around specific interests, organizations, or passions.

To use this feature, just look for the option in the drop-down menu on any community post. Clicking this option will automatically make that person a moderator.

For most businesses, this won’t have a big impact on your daily Google+ activities. However, if you’re managing a large community, the new feature could help you quickly add other contributors as moderators. A good fit for this position might be other team members or even active brand evangelists.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: David Joyce]