Google first integrated Maps into Google+ last September by allowing users to share live maps and directions on the social network. The company is trying to draw more attention to its location services and has quietly announced its Maps-powered game, which will launch on Google+ next month.

The game, which consists of rolling a ball around a cube covered with 3D Google maps, is really an opportunity for the search giant to highlight all of Maps’ new features – including interior mapping and crowd-sourced map-making.

Players will earn points by navigating a ball through locations on the map and once it rolls over the marker, players will receive a small piece of information about the location. Google is encouraging users to visit Zagat-rated businesses by offering extra points for those locations – Google acquired the local review service last September.

In-site gaming has proved valuable for sites like Facebook, and could help boost traffic on Google+. We’re still waiting on more details from Google about the game, but local businesses might want to keep an eye on developments, as it could help to drive traffic your way as well.

[Image credit: Thomas Benkö]