In May, Google announced a redesigned Google+ experience for iPhone users. Today, the updated version is available and brings with it new features and iPad support.

Previously you could only access Google+ from your iPhone. However, the latest version of the app allows you to start and join Hangouts, as well as access Google+ Events and your content streams from your iPad as well.

Starting a Hangout is easy. You can chat with up to nine friends anywhere, anytime. You can also stream your Hangout to your TV using AirPlay.

Google+ Events can be created and edited directly from your iPhone. The app has also received a quicker uploading option that enables you to snap a picture and immediately attach it to your post.

The revamped app comes offers a dynamic stream of Google+ content based on popularity. Meaning if your co-worker’s recent video is more popular than a picture from your vacation, the video will appear larger than your photo.

It also introduced some new gestures, such as pinching and expanding posts in your stream to add comments and the ability to drag a post from your stream to re-share it.

It’s unlikely that this will boost sign-ups, but it could help increase engagement among current users. If you prefer to manage your social outreach from your iPad, this update is available for download today.

[Image credit: Robert Scoble]