Many online services come with a high amount of email notifications, most of which aren’t very useful. Gmail’s recent update aims to remedy this by providing Google+ members with more valuable notifications.

In the past, Google+ email notifications alerted you when someone added you, but it didn’t provide any functionality past that. Last week Gmail tweaked its service and now you’re able to Circle someone back directly from the email notification.

By mousing over the “Add to Circle” button, you’ll be able to see if this person is already in your Circles. The new email is much more functional and provides you with a list of all your existing Circles, as well as the ability to create a new one.

Google has been integrating the social network into several of its existing products. Gmail received Google+ functionality last December when it enabled members to filter mail by Circles and to view an individual’s most recent Google+ post through a widget on the side of the Gmail screen.

While we doubt this will have an effect on sign-ups or engagement, it will likely offer an improved management experience for Gmail and Google+ users.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Robert Llefi]