Google+ offers brands a platform in which you can share vibrant photographs of your product or team. Today Google introduced a facial recognition feature called Find My Face, which makes it easier for people to tag uploaded photos.

Find My Face, which is similar to Facebook’s facial tagging feature, allows an individual to see your name as a suggested tag the next time he or she uploads a picture that you’re in. Although Facebook had this feature first, Google is taking a huge step in the right direction by asking its users for permission before turning it on instead of automatically rolling it out.

This is especially handy for people that love having their name associated with their image. For example, if you’re speaking at a conference or attending a networking event, the organizer can easily tag you in photos after the event.

It certainly saves you time of having to dig through pages of images and it might help those images appear faster, especially if you have a busy schedule. You will still be able to accept and reject tags created by other people.

You can opt in to Find My Face through your Google+ Page Settings page. Google is rolling out the feature over the next few days so it might not appear right away.

[Via: Lifehacker, Image credit: Andrea]