In the past couple of months, Google has made significant changes to the appearance and functions of its social network. From a new layout and redesigned badges, to hashtags and improved Hangouts, Google+ is focused on creating an all new user experience. The changes keep coming, as the company announced easier to discovery of what friends like on the platform.

As of yesterday, Google began highlighting posts that have been +1’d by friends in people’s Circles within their streams. Additionally, the search giant will occasionally highlight some of your well-received posts in your followers’ main streams. This is somewhat similar to the way posts are currently highlighted in Facebook’s News Feed.

This is great for brands with Google+ Pages because content that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in main feeds could now gain more visibility as a result of several mutual friends +1’ing the post. However, unlike Facebook, Google’s privacy features make the implementation of this feature a little tricky.

Google+ members will be able to control who sees their +1s from the settings page. A post visible to only people in Circles will only show up for those individuals, while one that is public might also be seen by strangers as well. The company noted that posts will never be added onto a feed based on just the volume of activity.

One of the main complaints about Google+ is lack of engagement. If you’ve been neglecting your business page, we suggest sharing some recent content and seeing if this new feature helps to increase interactions. Google is rolling out the functionality over the next few days, so if you don’t see the new “+1’d this” header right away, check back soon.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: David Amsler]