In an effort to encourage community growth on its social network, Google has launched a series of community guides which aim to help organizations succeed on Google+.

When Google+ opened its doors to brands and businesses, it also welcomed organizations, including politicians, celebrities, artists, athletes, nonprofits, and so on. Some members of these groups have already dived in and have begun using Google+ in creative ways.

However, not everyone knows where to start, so that’s why Google is sharing community guides. In these guides you will find case studies and ideas for how organizations have used Google+ effectively.

For example, every U.S. presidential primary candidate has agreed to participate in live Hangouts – video chats that can be conducted from a mobile phone or computer – with voters. Even professors are taking advantage of the social network’s features and are holding virtual office hours.

Community guides, which are divided by category, are available now. Google+ is still relatively new in the social media world and the best way to learn about its benefits is through trial and error and inspiration from others.

[Image credit: Charlie Ambler]