Google announced that it’s rolling out an updated layout for its Circles page on Google+, making it easier to navigate and categorize friends and brands.

Circles make it easy for members to customize current connections as well as discover new ones. However, the current Circles layout can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

The search giant has introduced a new left-hand navigation menu that makes it easier to access your email address book and sort through people who have added you to Circles. Additionally, Google Product Manager Sean Purcell pointed out that Circles now shrink in size to better fit on smaller screens.

Purcell also noted that the company is making it even easier to find new people to Circle on the network through Find People. Individuals can now type in the name of a person or Page and Google+ will suggest related individuals and organizations.

These updates might be small, but Google hopes that they will help to boost engagement between friends, consumers, and brands on the social network. If you haven’t already began organizing your network, keep an eye out for the new layout and start creating some Circles. Ensuring that you’re targeting the right audience is important.

[Image credit: Elliott Brown]