Earlier this month we learned that many of the top performing brands on Google+ are consumer-focused. A new study found that those brands are growing faster on Google’s social network than on Twitter.

The analytics site Socialbakers measured the growth by the number of followers a Google+ Page has gained over the course of a month.

Although Twitter only introduced Brand Pages in December, the microblogging site has been home to brands for much longer than Google+ — which launched last July. It’s possible that Google+’s timeline is contributing to brands’ growth.

For example, on Twitter, H&M has seen the most growth — out of the top five growing brands — with over 88,500 new followers in one month. On Google+, the apparel company added 287,000 new followers, snagging the second spot behind Angry Birds — which added over 350,000 new followers in one month.

The Next Web pointed out that it very well could be the same people who already follow H&M on Twitter that are adding the company to their Google+ Circles. Since Twitter has been around longer, it’s possible that the growth has slowed down.

Despite growth, both platforms seem to benefit brands when it comes to engagement. H&M’s Twitter account is great for customer service requests, but it’s difficult to track the retweets and replies. Content shared by H&M on Google+ receives noticeable shares, +1s, and comments, which makes it easy to prepare performance reports.

Google+ is still new, but that doesn’t mean it can’t compete with veterans like Twitter and Facebook. However, data regarding growth shouldn’t prompt you to ditch your other social media efforts. Instead, find new ways to engage your audience that play off the strengths of the platform.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Chee Meng Au Yong]