Google has launched two gadgets that make it easier for Blogger account owners to share blog content across Google+.

The update enables a blogger to add a +1 button — which is similar to Facebook’s Like button — and a Google+ badge directly to his or her website.

Google’s +1 button can be used to highlight interesting content, encouraging readers to share your content on the social network. The Google+ badge connects your Blogger account with your Google+ Page or Profile. Not only does it help to promote your content, but it also enables visitors to add your Google+ Page to their Circles directly from your website.

These gadgets have been added to your Blogger dashboard and can be implemented with just one click. To get started, select “Add a Gadget” from the Layout tab of Blogger — these specific gadgets can be found under “Basics.” From there you will need to copy your Google+ ID (personal or Page) to configure the badge for your blog.

Although many website owners have already added the Google +1 button and badge to their sites, Google is tapping into its large Blogger user base — which isn’t surprising considering its recent integration history.

If you’re interested in reaching a new audience, or giving current readers new ways of sharing content, you could benefit from adding the Google+ gadgets to your blog.

[Image credit: John Manoogian]