This week, Google announced that its +1 button will start delivering a customized list of suggested content across sites when visitors hover over it.

Google’s +1 button, which is similar to Facebook’s Like button, makes it easy for people to highlight interesting content and share it with their Circles.

“We often hear people say they want to see more of what their friends recommend,” stated Julie Farago, engineering manager at Google. “Likewise, when we talk to site owners, they ask us to help them show more relevant content to their users.”

By clicking on the +1 button, an individual is signaling that he or she likes your content. The advantage of this update is that you can offer similar content before he or she leaves your site, thus increasing page views and extending on-site time.

In an effort to ensure the most relevant and on-topic content, the results will always point to pages on the same domain or subdomain as the +1 button.

If you’ve already added the +1 button to your site, you’re good to go. Recommendations will work across all +1 buttons for all users, whether or not they’re signed in to Google+.

Google is rolling out the feature to the Platform Preview program first, and is expected to be available to the public “a few weeks” after testing.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: quickonlinetips]