Google continues to roll out updates after the backlash of yesterday’s Social Search announcement. The company has focused its attention on Google+ Hangouts, which received a visual and functional update today.

Google+ Hangouts is a video chat feature that allows you to chat face-to-face with customers or out-of-office team members. A few months ago Google introduced new tools called Extras that can be used during a Hangout – such as Google Docs integration and Sketchpad. Many of these extra features are still under construction.

As of today, Hangouts will now offer screen sharing between users – a feature similar to what Skype offers. The ability to share the screen no matter where you are is a huge draw for many businesses. The new feature makes Hangouts an even more useful tool for live collaboration or troubleshooting with your customer support team.

Additionally Google has also put more emphasis on the video itself by taking advantage of white space and other screen elements. The extra space will certainly come in handy for anyone sharing a screen.

As with most updates, it might take a few hours before you notice the changes.

[Image credit: Gabriela Pinto]