Today Google announced that you can now share things like documents and slideshows with your Circles on Google+. While this in itself isn’t new, viewing these items in the stream is.

Previously, sharing files from Google Drive — which is built into Google Docs — would add a thumbnail preview to your Google+ stream. From there, individuals would be taken to a new browser window where they could open the document.

Now, everything is in Google+. People can flip through presentations, open PDFs, and play videos, directly within the stream. The company also noted that this feature is available for all Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and file types supported by Google Drive — making it even more useful for professionals.

If you do a lot of collaborating through Google+, this could help to speed up your process — another example of Google trying to save you time. Just yesterday the company announced a faster email experience in Gmail.

To share a Google Drive file using Google+, you can copy and paste the file’s URL into the Share box on the social network, or click the Share button found at the top right corner of an open document. If you choose the latter, you’ll have to specify Google+ from the list of options.

Make sure when sharing a document that the file’s sharing settings are listed as “Public on the web” or “Anyone with the link.” Otherwise, people on Google+ won’t be able to access it. This feature, which you can see an example of on Google+, is rolling out for members of both services today.

[Image credit: Carlos Maya]