Today Google introduced a number of updates and new features for Google Docs that help to improve user experience. Google Docs is a free web-based office suite and data storage service.

One of the coolest new features is the ability to apply changes to a document’s style and formatting with just a few clicks. Previously, if you wanted to update all of the subtitles (for example) in your document, you’d have to change them one at a time.

Now you can just set one subtitle to that size, right-click and choose Update Subtitle to match selection. Doing so will change all of the subtitles already in your document as well as automatically update the style for any new subtitles you create. You can also set the current document’s styles as default with the new Options menu in the styles dropdown.

More charting options and support for sparklines has been added to Google Spreadsheets. Sparklines let you display line or bar charts inside of cells, which can be helpful when comparing data.

Additionally Google has added a Google+ share button to the form editor so you can share forms created in Google Docs directly with your Circles.

Google also changed the way it will announce updates. Instead of writing a blog post about each feature, it will bundle the updates in one monthly post. Some new features you might have missed from January that include a more streamlined format for discussion notifications and the ability to add images from a high quality stock photo gallery – just go to Insert > Image and select Stock photos.

[Image credit: Sebastien Wiertz]