Google is continuing its focus on Google+, this time making it easier for business members to identify coworkers on the service.

The company has added domain labels to Google+, meaning that if someone is part of your organization, you’ll see a label below his or her name with your company’s name. The same label will appear when you +mention this person in a post or comment.

Not only does this make it easy to find colleagues, but it makes adding them to Circles and sharing things with them even faster. This is also beneficial for individuals who have two Google+ accounts. For example, you might have both a personal profile and one associated with your company. If a colleague is mentioning you, he or she will use the correct profile thanks to the domain label that will appear next to or below your name.

This feature is currently only available for customers of Google Apps for Business, Government, and Education. Labels are confidential and will only be seen by other people within your domain — and only if an admin has enabled contact sharing.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Keng Susumpow]