Today Google has introduced a new opt-in service called Account Activity that provides you with analytics for your Google account.

All of your Google activity has been centralized, which means that YouTube, Gmail, Google+, Docs, Search, and so on all fall under one account.

Account Activity will send you monthly detailed reports full of analytics regarding your signed-in Google use. The report — which is password protected — will provide you with a general overview of how you use Google services.

Personal analytics include the places you have been using Google Latitude, number of emails sent and received, as well as search, which is broken down by volume, top queries, and search type.

Account Activity also aims to help protect your account by tracking sign-in locations, changes to sign-in credentials, and connected sites and apps.

The feature works with both regular Gmail accounts as well as Google Apps users with custom domains. Google plans to incorporate more services over the next few months.

[Image credit: Stephan Osa Asemota]