Gmail users will soon begin to see Google+ updates as Google continues integrating its social network with its other products.

Today Google announced that Gmail and Google Contacts users will see an individual’s most recent Google+ post – in addition to other contact information – through a widget on the side of the Gmail screen. You’ll also be able to add that person to your Circles directly from your inbox.

You can now use Google+ Circles to quickly filter your email. You can view messages from all of your Circles or from each individual Circle. This feature could be helpful for community managers or customer support reps that manage email accounts.

Additionally Google will automatically update your address book. If one of your contacts has a Google profile, your address book will be updated with the most recent information that he or she has shared on his or her profile – including phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

Last but not least you can now share images that have been shared through email attachments. For example, if you just received a sneak peek of a new product, you can share to your Google+ Page directly from your inbox.

These updates will be rolled out over the next few days to Gmail, Gmail Contacts, and Google Contacts. The company is still working on making the new features available to Google Apps users.

[Image credit: Robert Llefi]