It’s Facebook Friday — each week we’ll offer one tip for leveraging Facebook to increase customer awareness of and engagement with your brand or business. This week we’ll share a few good practices to ensure that as many people see your Facebook Page’s updates as possible.

Earlier this week, news broke that the average Facebook post reaches only 17% of fans. Then Facebook announced new application integrations that will increase the noise to signal ratio even more. It’s harder than ever before to reach people with your updates, but it can be done. Here’s how.

1. Space Out Your Posts

Depending on what tools you are using to manage your Facebook Page, Facebook may bundle several consecutive posts up under one in a fan’s news feed. That means that he or she will see just one update, and have to click a barely noticeable “see more posts” link to read the others. Chances are that he or she won’t bother to, so those other messages will be lost on most fans.

To avoid this, schedule your updates as far from one another within peak hours as possible. Generally, it’s good to keep them at least an hour apart, but if you’re publishing fewer than 5 public updates a day, keep them closer to two hours apart. This will minimize the chances that your content will be folded up where no one can see it.

While Facebook won’t allow you to schedule messages through its interface, you can use social media management tools to schedule message publication in advance so you don’t have to break away from working in your business to get your message out.

2. Share Content Fans Will Want to Share Too

The best way to increase your impressions overall is also the best way to avoid being lost in the noise: Share content that your fans will want to re-share with their friends, and encourage them to do it. To borrow a cliché, content is king.

We’re talking about thought-provoking articles, hilarious videos, killer contests, and inspiring stories. Your fans are very unlikely to share things that are salesy and pitchy, so don’t focus on those kinds of updates. Make sure all your updates provide value not just to your business or brand, but to its fans and their friends.

3. Engage in Comments

Yes, we sound like a broken record on this point, but you really can’t say this enough: engaging with your fans or customers in the comments on your update is critical.

Whenever a fan comments on one of your updates and you have something to say, be sure and say it! That fan or another may start a conversation, which makes Facebook more likely to show that update to people who know the individuals taking part in the discussion.

It’s also just good social media (and customer service) practice over all, so this is something you should be prioritizing already.

Was this tip helpful? Do you have any more ideas for getting the most out of Facebook? Let us know in the comments!