Today Facebook announced some major improvements that make it easier to share posts, photos, and tags with the people you want. Going forward you will have a better understanding of who can see your content.

The biggest update is giving you more consistent control over how photos and posts get added to your profile and who can see them. Right now most settings are located a few clicks away on a settings page. After the update an icon with a drop-down menu will appear next to content on your profile and you will be able to change the settings without leaving the page. To double check those settings, you can also view your profile as others would see it with the click of a button.

Additional control was added to tagging. Anytime you were tagged in a photo or post it would automatically appear on your profile. That is no longer the case as now you will be able to approve or reject it before it publishes to your feed. You will also have a chance to review any tags to existing posts added by friends.

Another update to tagging includes the ability to tag anyone. Before you could only tag someone if you were friends with them, or only if you “Liked” that page. Now you’re able to tag your friends or anyone else on Facebook. If tagged by a non-friend it won’t appear on your profile until you review and approve it. If you would like to remove a tag you are now given more options. You can choose to remove the tag from your profile or remove the tag itself. You can also contact the photo owner or tagger and request that the content be taken down.

A smaller update was made to the terminology of the controls. “Everyone” is now “public” to more accurately describe the posting behavior. If you make a post public and later change your mind you can adjust the settings through the inline controls at any time.

Similar to the way Twitter integrates locations with tweets, Facebook Places enthusiasts can now add locations to any post. The feature is no longer dependent on smartphone access and can be added directly from your web browser. Alternately you can also choose not to add a location at all.

With privacy being such a sensitive topic for Facebook it’s great to see it put more control into users’ hands. These changes will roll out to profiles over the next few days. You’ll be prompted to take a tour of all the new features once available to you, or you can read more about the improvements on Facebook’s blog.