Facebook Timeline has been available to the public for almost three weeks. While many users couldn’t wait to implement the new feature, many are finding that they preferred the old Facebook profile. But despite what many pages are claiming, Timeline is here to stay.

It appears that scammers are taking advantage of Timeline’s unpopularity by creating Pages that include deceptive instructions on how disable Timeline and return to the old profile. However, not all requests are harmful; some users are prompted to click a number of Like buttons, invite friends, or watch YouTube videos.

While Liking Pages won’t do much damage, some scams are asking users to download and install browser extensions. The Next Web points out that more than 14,000 people have Liked a Page that prompts users to download an extension as soon as the Like button is clicked. Inside Facebook has found 16 Timeline-related scam Pages, which have collectively gained more than 71,000 Likes.

Despite Facebook’s best efforts to educate users about Timeline, these scams are still gaining traction. It’s still unclear exactly what they do to users, but be aware of what others are sharing in the News Feed – even give them a heads up if you see a Timeline uninstall link being passed around.

To be clear, Timeline is permanent and there is no way to disable it. Even if you haven’t been given access to it yet, Timeline will be mandatory in the coming weeks – learn more about switching to Timeline if you haven’t already. If you find a scam, you can click “Report Page” on the bottom right side to help Facebook remove it.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Eugene Zemlyanskiy]